Kukai Tea Packaging



Kukai, a new boutique tea company will be offering the finest collection of high quality teas and herbal/fruit tisanes. Their range consists of black, green, semi-fermented, flavoured, herbal and floral, fruity and organic blends. Each blend of their tea is unique in its outcome, they are designed to either relax, excite, energise, calm or treat. Experiencing Kukai diverse range will be an adventure every time as tea is like wine, it changes from season to season, therefore every cup you drink will be different. Kukai ingredients are imported from all over the world, giving their clients the best quality tea they can find. Kukai products are located throughout upmarket/gourmet food stores around Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

The demographic is male and female ranging from 25-45 years of age with a healthy disposable income. They appreciate fine wine and fine food and will pay more for a quality product. They shop regularly at gourmet delicatessans or such places as the David Jones Food Hall. They appreciate style and design and are very particular about the tea they buy.

The Kukai logo I drew up in illustrator, the water marked text in the background is a Japanese poem written by Kukai which is translated into English in each of the tea boxes. Kukai wears a different colour garment for each tea that is represented.



Branding for Kukai Tea Packaging