Cookie Van Dough Logo, Business Card and Stationary Design



Cookie Van Dough makes designer cookies for all occasions. They bake sugar cookies in almost any shape you can think of and decorate them with royal icing in vibrant colors. They wanted an attractive, perhaps witty logo. "Van Dough" is a play on the name "Van Gogh", the famous artist. The owner is a young, tattooed, pink-haired woman who doesn't fit the mold of the traditional baker or caterer.

Their target audience largely consists of women. Their customers are typically mothers or young women who buy their cookies for birthday parties, weddings, baby or wedding showers and other parties. They also do corporate events. The people who buy their cookies are usually looking for a creative alternative to the typical party favor and consider themselves unique and creative.

They didn't have a particular idea in mind for this logo, so I was free to play around and come up with any ideas I saw fit. Unfortunately, their was a lot of competition for this logo and even though I got down to the final two, my logo wasn't chosen. I'm still very proud of it all the same, it's cute!